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Basic model specifications


  • Wheel arrangement 4х4
  • Curb weight 2800 kg


  • Length 5800 mm
  • Width 2500 mm (на шинах AVTORIS X-TRIM)
  • Height 2800 mm
  • Track 1950 mm
  • Ground clearance 400 mm


  • Tank capacity 2х64 L
  • Fuel consumption (per 100 km) 15 l
  • Maximum speed on the highway 80 km / h
  • Minimum speed 2 km / h


  • Engine Cummins ISF 2.81
  • Transmission Manual, 5-speed
  • Central transfer case 2-speed, with lockable differential ,with axisymmetric torque distribution


  • Axles original on the basis of GAZ 66 (gear ratio of the main pair - 6, 83)
  • Low pressure tires X-TRIM (1200-600х21)
* The final appearance of the vehicle may differ from that provided on the site. The manufacturer has the right to change the design, specifications, appearance, equipment of the product. The prices indicated in this configurator are for informational purposes only and are not a public offer, as determined by the provisions of Article 437 (2) of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Buy MYL swamp vehicle

Are you going to buy a MYL swamp vehicle on low-pressure tires ? That would be a perfect choice if you need a reliable all-terrain vehicle with good traction, not requiring expensive maintenance! The five-speed manual gearbox familiar to Russian drivers, a fuel-efficient diesel engine, the ability to install additional equipment (winches, a trailer, and so on) - all these features make this swamp vehicle very popular among Russian drivers and drivers from the neighboring countries.

Benefits of MYL snow and swamp vehicle

  • Fuel-efficiency. Fuel consumption starts from 15 liters per 100 kilometers. Not bad for a car with a curb weight of 2.8 tons. Most of the spare parts are from serial production cars, which are very easy to find in stores. Repair and maintenance will not require significant waste of time and money, because absolutely all mechanics in Russian car service are familiar with the design and specification of such a vehicle.
  • Affordable price. If you want to buy a swamp vehicle for a comfortable price, then MYL is the best choice! Thanks to completely domestic production and the use of innovative developments AVTOROS makes it possible to maintain prices that are comfortable for customers.
  • Capacity. The spacious and familiar car interior is designed for comfortable rides of the driver and five passengers. The seats are arranged in two rows, they are equipped with comfortable head restraints. To maintain the temperature in the cabin during the most severe frosts, we recommend purchasing and installing a cabin air heater.
  • Wide range of equipment options. The wheeled snow and swamp vehicle can be equipped with an air conditioner, rubber mats, a thermal case for the battery, equipment for heating the fuel system, an enlarged tank for diesel fuel and other useful options.
  • Excellent passability and high speed on the highway. MYL is able to ride at a speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour, and its minimum speed - 2 kilometers per hour. Ground clearance without load - 450 mm, under load - 400 mm. Such characteristics make MYL perfectly suited for difficult terrain.

MYL swamp vehicle can transport goods in the off-road conditions and perform other work without difficulty! A four-cylinder diesel engine of 2.8 liters is a big help as well. The power steering and the original disc brake system help the driver to drive the car without any effort in almost any conditions.

Here you can purchase a MYL all-terrain vehicle at a manufacturer’s price. Examine the technical characteristics of this vehicle and make sure that it is the best option for business solutions! The car has excellent cross-country performance, it is equipped with low-pressure tires X-TRIM, which do not harm the road surface or the plants. Other wheel options are also available, and whatever you choose - S-TRIM or MAX-TRIM wheels, they will in any case provide excellent traction, no matter if it is clay, sand or frozen soil.

Selling snow and swamp vehicles on low-pressure tires is our profession. And we are always ready to help you with choosing the necessary options, to answer all questions regarding Russian off-road vehicles. Contact us to get a detailed consultation or to make an order!