Spacious swamp vehicle for any task

“Gazelle-Business”, which has already become a popular car, and especially its modification named “Farmer”, was used as a basis of the new snow and swamp vehicle. The car inherited the interior with two rows of seats, a diesel engine. It allows the driver to comfortably drive off-road, having five passengers inside the car, as well as carry goods weighing up to a ton in any weather - exactly what is needed for regions with difficult weather conditions.

High reliability of the vehicle

The swamp vehicle on low-pressure tires has a reinforced frame equipped with axles with disc brakes. Axles are the “legacy” of the famous GAZ-66, a car that is loved for its reliability and ease of operation. The swamp vehicle got a special transfer case with a lockable differential. The software that controls the engine has been adjusted and reached a significant improvement in traction performance. Thanks to this, the vehicle got superb performance both on roads and off-road, on soils with weak bearing capacity.

Simplicity of design - the key to the absence of problems

The Myl swamp vehicle, designed for hunting and fishing, is very easy to maintain. Its arrangement of mechanisms is familiar to every mechanic, so you will never have any problems replacing spare parts or repairing them.

No problems with maintenance!

It will be easy to find any spare part, and the cost of "consumables" will be minimal! The light all-terrain vehicle on low-pressure tires is a truly reliable car, inexpensive to operate and bringing its owner the joy of good cross-country ability and sufficient load-carrying capacity to solve working tasks.

Most of MYL’s spare parts and units are borrowed from Russian and foreign serial cars. They can be found in almost every auto-parts store. Besides, the original parts can be easily purchased at the official manufacturer’s store at a very affordable price.

A few more reasons to buy Myl

  • Snow and swamp vehicles on ultra-low pressure tires, produced by Tver factory "AVTOROS" are designed for transportation of goods in the off-road conditions. This is a perfect “workhorse” for those who value reliability and simplicity.
  • The swamp vehicle for hunting and fishing has the best dimensions for driving on Russian roads: its length is 5.8 meters and its width is 2.5 meters. High clearance (40 centimeters) allows you to not be afraid of any obstacles. On the highway, Mule is able to move at a speed of up to 85 km/h.
  • The swamp vehicle with a diesel engine is very economical: for every 100 kilometers along the highway it spends only fifteen liters of fuel, when driving off-road it is no more than 22 liters per 100 kilometers. The capacity of two tanks is 128 liters, and it is possible to order a car with increased fuel tanks (100 liters each).
  • The snow and swamp vehicle on wheels can be equipped with a system for automatically maintaining the required tire pressure. This is very convenient for the driver, as it allows you not to waste time on manipulations with the wheels when the road conditions change.

As you can see, the Myl all-terrain vehicle is a perfect means of transportation for any terrain. Its power is 128 horsepower, and the maximum torque reaches 297 Nm. A mechanical five-speed gearbox is familiar to every driver, and the steering wheel is equipped with a hydraulic booster, so it will be easy and pleasant to drive this ATV in any road conditions.

Russian 4-wheel Myl all-terrain vehicle can be equipped with additional options that you may need, for example, a system of electric windows, an audio system. This option allows you to choose exactly what is more important for you.


Technical specifications

Wheel arrangement:
4,5 tons
Top speed on land
80 km / h
Minimum speed
2 km / h
Curb weight
2800 kg
Carrying capacity on solid soils
up to 1000 kg
5800 mm
2500 mm
2800 mm
Ground clearance
400 mm
1950 mm
Tipping angle
35 degrees
Maximum rise
45 degrees
Longitudinal passability radius
1500 mm
Cummins ISF 2.8
Engine Preheater

128 hp
Maximum torque
297 Nm

Fuel tank capacity
128 litres (2x64 l)
Fuel consumption
15l / 100 km
Manual, 5-speed
Transfer case
2-speed, with lockable differential, with axially symmetric torque distribution
Power assisted hydraulic
Dependent on longitudinal semi-elliptical springs
Original on the basis of GAZ 66 (gear ratio of the main pair - 6, 83)
original, disk brakes
Low-pressure tires
standard set of X-TRIM tires (1200-600x21)

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